Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Humidity and MS

It’s been hot and humid these past few days, with rain expected off and on today.

I can feel the difference in my breathing, more short of breath, coughing. My energy level is way down, so easily fatigued with any activity.

I don’t like air conditioning; much prefer the feel of a breeze, and the foolish notion,that the breeze is refreshing. Actually, it’s just the same hot air, moving about, so maybe a bit of mind over matter. That’s why fans work, same concept.

Right now I don’t even have the option of that breeze, as all my windows are closed, and my drapes shut against the afternoon sun, though it’s grey and overcast today.

Here’s a link describing how other MSers relate to humid conditions.

Take care, there’s a lot of summer still to be enjoyed.

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