Wednesday, 5 August 2015

A Full Fall

I think I put a curse on myself, by talking about ‘near falls’ the other day. Yesterday I fell, right down on the floor, total mortification, etc. etc.

I was out with my daughter and granddaughter and we couldn’t make up our minds as where to go for lunch, so stopped at one of those places that offer multiple choices. We had just come through a storm, so of course the floor of the restaurant was wet, and I was foolishly wearing crocs, which have no grip on the sole.

We were laughing and having fun, so I wasn’t as cautious as I might have been. My first step on the wet tile floor and I could feel my foot slide and knew I was going down. That’s the thing with MS, your reaction times are on a delay, and there was no way my legs were going to move fast enough to stop the fall.

Down I went, and of course, as it was lunch time, there were a number of people trying to enter behind us and watching from inside. I crawled over to the wall, used it to brace myself so I could stand. My daughter was upset, handed me the cane and offered to help me back to the car. I refused, went to the bathroom to pull myself together and we had lunch.

I made it through the rest of the day, but the aches and pains were taking hold. I came home, took a pain pill and went to bed, slept for two hours.

Today I feel better than I expected, with vague pains hitting different parts of my body. I must have twisted my knee and ankle, landed on that same left wrist, so they are consistent, with little other surprises that come and go.

Definitely getting rid of the crocs. Fall will be here before you know it, so new footwear is in my future. 

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