Thursday, 6 August 2015


My footwear has been of interest to people for many years, or should I say my choice of footwear.

I love clog type shoes, the covered toe with the open heel. I have worn them for years, in many styles and colors. When I first had problems with my gait, dragging one leg, tripping and such, my boss, and friend, was sure it was my shoes, no way could it be MS.

Well, the MS diagnosis was confirmed, so I continued to wear the same style of shoes. Not the best choice maybe, but I was having trouble making concessions to my disease.

When I was no longer working, I thought I left the shoe lectures behind me, but alas, no. My son took up where my friend left off, sure that if I wore proper shoes I’d walk better, be more sure of my steps.

As my condition has deteriorated, the addition of the cane resolved some of the walking issues as I could maintain better balance, and the walker has improved on that immensely. So the shoe lectures have eased off, until late.

I gave up my favorite pair of clogs, nice leather ones, too, because they had a heel. I need flats, or my balance is thrown off, and as I don’t go anywhere very dressy, I’ve been wearing a leather running shoe in winter and a pair of crocs in summer.

I’ve been getting the shoe lectures again, from my daughter this time, about the crocs. I guess some of that is from a fashion point of view, as they are very casual and...okay...kind of ugly. Well, I sealed my fate on Tuesday when I fell. The crocs have no grip and I slid on a wet floor, and down I went.

For sure, shopping is on my agenda, I need to put a stop to the lectures.But not for a few days.

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