Saturday, 21 May 2016

Positive Thinking

I was reminded after the workshop about my..ha ha...positive experience with positive thinking, and continue to strive for the positive in life.

I'm making more of an effort to get out, had lunch out of town with my brother, watched my grandson for a day and revisited the feeling of being Mom, the taxi driver, when I assisted family members who needed a drive.

I also had lunch, in town with a friend, and have been working on my art project.

Yesterday I spent the early part of the day touring town with my granddaughter. She'd had a rough night the evening before, and I thought she needed some of my positive thinking. I handed her my camera and told her she had to take 100 pictures, of bright and beautiful things.

We started at the park, then went to the beach. We found flowering trees and other blooms and by the afternoon had hit the 105 mark. The last picture was of her Nana, who we found sitting on her porch with her mother, the GreatNana so to speak.

We've promised each other to do this again. I like how the grandkids are accepting of my limitations. They don't question when I say I'll wait in the car. My grandson always jumps to carry things and will offer me his arm, as he has seen his Dad do it, to help me over a step or walk on uneven ground.

Maybe that's a plus of having MS. My kids and, subsequently, their kids, are much more understanding and tolerant of those with a disability. It's made these very good people even better.

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