Tuesday, 3 May 2016

The Comfort of Chronic Pain

I don't know what is going on with my shoulders. The pain in my right shoulder has eased off, so maybe rest was all it needed. I just realized it was better when the left shoulder started up, again.

Maybe this is part of the travelling Fibromyalgia pain show. You never know where the pain will hit next.

It's a comfort, in a weird way, to have chronic pain. At least then you know what hurts and why, Like I know my left knee is shot and bending, walking (especially on uneven ground) will cause me pain. Same goes for my back, wrists and hands. I do an activity and I'll feel some discomfort.

When I get a new pain that is more than a fleeting twinge, I have to wonder why, and what is causing it.

Like last night. I got a pain in my right rib cage, something new, that persisted all evening and into the night. Today...gone. At the same time, my left shoulder started aching, but not the same kind of pain as I have in the right. This pain extends up into my neck and causes numbness in my hand.

I'm sure HEART ATTACK may have crossed your mind, as it did mine, for just a second. I went that route a year ago, finally diagnosed with anxiety related chest pain. Meds had taken care of that, so I'm back to the Fibromyalgia.

Old pains, the chronic ones, are...a pain...but at least you know where you stand.

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