Monday, 6 June 2016

Oh Boy, Oh Obus

I had an old Obus form in my old chair, and found it very good for my back, but I got rid of it when I got the new chair. Should have saved it, but the cover was old and ripped and I thought I didn't need it anymore.

I remember a woman I knew some years ago, who came to meetings with her Obus form, and I thought that would never be me...well never has arrived.

I need to purchase a new Obus form and take it with me when I know I am going to be sitting for any length of time. It might save me from a night of pain like I suffered last night.

I went to my daughter's yesterday, and good timing on my part, was invited for dinner. She has a very nice dining set, a long table, four chairs and a long bench, great for seating many adults and the kids. But the chairs are wooden and hard.

I could feel the stiffness and pain when I stood to leave, even worse by the time I drove home. I was gritting my teeth with the pain, thanking my lucky stars that it was cooler and I could get some relief from my heating pad.

It was difficult walking and I collapsed on the bed, using the heating pad immediately. For the rest of the night, the pain was an issue, and it made me realize that my back had actually been pretty good for the last while. It was my knee and ankle that had been giving me grief, not the back.

This morning when I stood, the pain hit, and I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to walk, but I persevered. I made it to the bathroom, back to bed for a bit of a rest and up again. I even managed to get the garbage to the curb, though it was a chore.

So now I'm wondering, if I had an OBUS-Will-Travel, might I have saved myself the pain. Something I'm going to have to look into, and get used to.

Just as it took me some time to be comfortable using the cane, and then the walker, carrying an Obus form with me will take some time getting used to. But if it means I can stay active, and not lose a day to pain, it will be worth it.

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