Friday, 10 June 2016

Ongoing Positivity

I have this new found energy, and I give credit to the power of positive thinking. I'm doing more, and enjoying myself, but not without a cost. I'm just not giving in to the fatigue and the pain.

Tuesday I went to IKEA, a store I absolutely love to wander through. Wandering is not easy for me, but I took the walker and sat when I needed. I ended up buying a table, counter height, to use as a work table. Note, I have not sat a a table for a meal since I moved in here. I eat in my chair, as do family when they are here. (Pizza makes that an easy thing).

I'd been out Sunday and spent a night and the following day in pain, which is why I talked about the OBUS form. Maybe I was still feeling some fatigue from that, I don't know.

But, while we were at lunch, at Denney's all day breakfast, I had a choking spell, the worst one yet. Hash browns made from grated potatoes with a crispy top tasted great but sort of got stuck. all was well, but I have to say I was alarmed, a little frightened.

Wednesday was busy, but easier as I didn't go out. Yesterday I shopped, came home and slept before going to my grandson's lacrosse game in the evening. I do better with this little rest time, and I say little rest but really, I zonked and went sound asleep.

This new lifestyle is working, I'm enjoying my family more than ever, and have great plans for the summer. I just have to use some caution, and not over do. As I have many projects on the go, if I get too tired, or it gets too hot, I have plenty to do to keep myself occupied.

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