Sunday, 12 June 2016

Striving to Keep Doing

Out on a road trip with my granddaughter yesterday, taking pictures, we stopped at an abandoned country school, and found the door open, but were to scared to venture in.

We were laughing at our fright, being creeped out by the silent, empty building, and by the idea of being caught inside, when it was posted private property.

I'll admit I'm gutless, I thought my youthful companion might have been braver, but no.

As we drove away we made up our excuses, if we had been caught. She had her age on her side, as did I, and I had the disabled bit to back me up.

She was going to tell the police, or whatever authority might have questioned us that she was helping her poor, old granny live out a desire to take some pictures...while she could still get out and around.

We laughed, but it's not that far from the truth. I use a cane,  walk better with the walker, so there are many places where I might like to take photos that are now off limits, not because they are posted No Trespassing, but because I am not as mobile, or agile, as I used to be.

These trips out are another example of my positive thinking...and doing. I may never do anything with the photos, but I enjoyed the idea of the artistic challenge, and of course, the companionship. It was a win/win day.

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