Sunday, 7 September 2014

Paroxysmal Symptoms of MS

Paroxysmal symptoms of Ms are the sudden onset of a neurological symptom that may last seconds to minutes, repeating a few to many intervals per day. They may present as spasms, numbness, visual disturbances, a tic in the eyelid, or difficulty swallowing, just to name a few.

There are factors that may trigger these sensations, like fatigue, sudden change in position, temperature change, sensory stimulation such as touch and more.

Here is a link if you want to read more about this strange symptom.

I’ve had that annoying tic in my eyelid, always the right eye, same side as my facial numbness.

And I’ve had bouts of blurry vision. Like the other day when I sat down to write and had to strain to read what was on the screen. I gave it up and went to formatting, adding manual page breaks at the end of chapters, preparing my latest book for publication on Amazon. Some times when my eyes play funny I crochet, so long as the pattern is simple and the colours are light. I have trouble when I crochet with dark colours because I can’t tell one stitch from another.

My eye doctor once told me that people with MS had difficulty distinguishing colours. Like if you had a plaid, you might have trouble matching colours within the weave. I figure this is why I wear so many solid colours, but then I always did favour black.

If you have a number of these strange symptoms plaguing you throughout the day, it can be tiring, adding to your fatigue by dragging your attention from whatever is happening, or whatever you’re doing, back to your disease. Eventually, they just become part of your life, sudden annoying reminders that you have a neurological condition.

I do believe that if the symptoms are new, and occur in a cluster, it can be a sign of a relapse, and you should contact your doctor to discuss it.

Like I said before, weird and unusual.

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