Thursday, 18 September 2014

Unproductive Time

I’ve previously written about my ongoing fatigue and I have to say the mental fatigue or brain fog is sometimes worse than the physical. With the mental fatigue I am unable to think, unable to do, but even if physically tired I can do some things, like write or crochet.

I had a toothache over the long weekend, and figured I’d call the dentist on the Tuesday for an emergency appointment. But that Sunday night I came down with a cold and felt the fates were on my side. By Tuesday I may have been suffering from a head cold and a constant cough, but the toothache seemed to go away.

I endured the week, was visited by the soup fairy who brought me soup and cough lozenges and by the next week, I was finally getting better. But it had been a totally unproductive week, at least for what I’d hoped to accomplish.

In the middle of all that, as I was recovering from the cold, I hurt my finger so my excursions out were to the grocery store and the walk-in clinic. I did make it out for my usual Thursday lunch but it was a short day, and I was glad because I wasn’t up for much.
I had the toothache again over the weekend and finally saw the dentist on Tuesday, two weeks from the time I was originally going to call, and ended up with an extraction because of an abscessed tooth. One more thing to deal with.

Two weeks of one issue after another, one of those “hit her while she’s down” things. Here I am still dealing with the remnants of the cold, that persistent cough, a permanently bent finger that still hurts, a toothache and an extraction, and then the windshield wipers on my car won’t work.

I want to SCREAMMMMMMMMMMMMM. But I won’t.

It’s Thursday and my friend is picking me up for our weekly lunch and this week we are going to write. It’s just what I need to get over the last two weeks, to leave all that wasted and unproductive time behind me and get working again.

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