Monday, 12 June 2017

Making Decisions

I'm in a quandry, do I give that new medication another try, and risk another episode of vertigo. or go to a similar drug that I've used before?

I felt so good for those few days, I was tempted to try again, but have now decided not to take the chance.

I had lunch with my daughter today, and realize I need to be proactive in my health care. Apparently my one granddaughter said something to her sister about my falling (during my vertigo episode), and they were both upset and worried. That led to the discussion at lunch as to the fact that they have never seen me well. As long as they have been born I have been gradually deteriorating.

I've consistently put the effort out to give them things to remember me by, the crocheted items, scrapbooks and their cookbooks. But the one thing they need from me now is time.

If I start to take better care of myself, I'll have more quality time with them.

I know the feelings I have for my grandmother, and if they feel the least bit like that, I need to be strong. Lord knows I love them all.

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