Friday, 30 June 2017

New Medication, Again

So, there were the two new drugs I was prescribed for my pain, one for the arthritic pain, and one for the nerve pain. The doctor wanted me to try the arthritic one for a week first, in case of side effects.

Smart doctor I have, I had a bad case of vertigo after three days and quit the drug,

I have balance issues related to my MS, but this vertigo was something very different. This left me reluctant to try again, but finally the doctor suggested we forget the arthritic med for now, but go with the nerve pain medication instead.

This may be because of new symptoms again. This pain I've experienced when I press my right foot on the break, to change gear. It's happened three times, and then there was the very, very painful cramp, charley horse, whatever I got in my right calf when I reached out with my leg. Wow, don't want that again.

Yesterday, I started the new med, twice a day dosing. So far, so good. About to start day two.

I can't say I feel good, been a long time since that happened, and the rain doesn't help my pain, so I guess it's wait and see.

I hate that new meds always have the same side effects...dizziness and fatigue. Like I don't battle with that every day.

I want the pill that does not constipate, does not make you gain weight, and does not increase the symptoms of MS I already experience. Not going to happen.

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