Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Six Days and Counting

I have been on the new medication for nerve pain now for six days, and need to assess, as the dosage is to be doubled on day eight.

I admit I start new meds with caution now after that bout of vertigo. This time, not vertigo, but the dizziness, blurred vision and fatigue, as the drug information sheet predicted. I've managed the increased dizziness, but then I was home and not walking far. The blurred vision was not so bad, I could still read.

Out yesterday for groceries, and it was my usual back pain that did me in, so I could barely walk. Being able to sit for a few minutes helps, but shopping with the walker when I need a cart doesn't work.

Do I feel better is the question. Can I say there has been a reduction in pain?

As this new drug also is prescribed for fibromyalgia, another of my ailments, I'm thinking there might be a lessening in the weird niggly pains that are constant and annoying. At night. I don't feel the pain in my feet the same, the odd sensation in my toes that are numb. And I do think that the late day pain that runs down my legs has changed, for the better.

I guess I will try the increase, but will wait until I have a few days at home in case I get vertigo or unmanageable dizziness.

Today it's a visit to the eye doctor, a special test for peripheral vision. Apparently a loss in peripheral vision can be a problem for MS patients. I'm glad my doctor is proactive on things like this.

Day by day, after all, that's how it come, one day at a time.

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