Thursday, 27 July 2017

Ain't No Twinkle Toes

Have you ever had those spasms in your toes where each toe is going in a different direction? I get them frequently, and was lying down, felt my toes tense and looked down.

On the right foot, the big toe was down and to the left, the other toes normal. On the left foot four toes were bending down, the big toe in a normal position.

Sometimes when I have these spasm they have been very painful. Not too long ago I had a bad episode, and had to press my foot flat on the cooler bathroom floor for some relief. Other times, I know it's happening, but there is little to no pain.

I wonder if the fact it's been less painful is due to the medication I've been on for nerve pain. Since I started I've had less pain in my feet at night, and in my lower legs. The stabbing pain in my fingers is gone, though it seems to have moved down to my foot, at the base of my big toe.

I haven't increased the medication as the doctor had ordered. And, yes, I know self medicating is not smart, but I can't afford to increase the dosage if it would increase my dizziness and balance issues.

Had that spasm again to my feet. You'd think it would be the same on both sides, in sync so to speak, but it makes me laugh to see my toes all going in different direction.

At least I can still laugh about it all. Today at least.

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