Sunday, 23 July 2017

Hating Housework

We're a week and a day since my daughter's supposedly surprise party, and I had hoped to get back to a more normal and less stressful, less anxiety driven week.

It started out on Monday with an out of town trip to meet one of my oldest friends for lunch. This is something we'd hoped to do on a more regular basis but it just hasn't happened. I managed to get through a side trip to Michael's, the craft store, as it's been awhile and I needed the fix.

There was a dinner at the restaurant for family that night as it was her actual birthday, and I got through that, my energy draining quickly and knew I was going to crash once I got home.

The next day I drove out of town to pick up two of my grandchildren, as their parents were working. Thank goodness for the internet, though I really don't approve of that as a babysitter, any more than I liked using television in my day. We had lunch on our way back to my place, and a stop at the store, thinking ahead as I had slave labor to carry stuff.

I set my granddaughter up to do a craft, painting rocks, while my grandson played on his tablet.

The next day my daughter dropped over. By Thursday it was lock the doors, and pull the covers over my head as I needed some recovery time. I basically slept off and on for the whole day

Friday would have been the same but I'd promised a trip out to my son's to check on the kittens as they were away.

I had managed no housework over the past two weeks, to stressed and worn out with party preparations, so decided I would clean at least the bathroom before i went to check on the cats.

Saturday I was given a chance to spend time with another granddaughter and we did craft stuff all afternoon, and when she left I was done in, but had stuff now to pick up and cleaning to be done. I decided I would do it Sunday.

Finally, I have the vacuuming done, though not a perfect job, better than it was. I could only do a small section at a time, (I mean small as I have a studio type apartment), before I had to lie down because of back pain. Three applications of analgesic balm, two doses of Tylenol and about four short lie downs and it's done. And I am exhausted.

I see the dust on the shelves, but that will have to wait for another day, my body'd had all it can take. I wanted to nap, but as I skipped lunch I was afraid I'd sleep through dinner. It's in the oven and the timer had gone, so it's dinner and back to lying down.

Please can tomorrow be a quiet day.

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