Wednesday, 12 July 2017

What's Going On?

Let me say first off that it's been a very emotional and physically wearing few days. I've been out, and busy every day, in the hot weather and that doesn't help. As I got in the car the last time today I had difficulty lifting my leg up to get in the car and could feel a weakness in my legs. I knew I wouldn't be able to walk much farther.

I don't remember much of coming home, except I needed to lie down, which I obviously did, and really crashed.

When I woke up I was totally disoriented, saw the clock said 5:40 and thought, wow, did I ever sleep, thinking it was morning. I leaned over and grabbed my medication container and took the A.M. dose and got up to the bathroom.

I felt fairly awake, and the TV was on, so I decided to watch something and maybe fall back asleep. That was when I first realized that it was not morning. I guess the fact I was fully dressed, the drapes were open and the TV was on wasn't enough.

I wondered, as I went through the channel listings, when they'd changed their shows, as I was seeing shows not normally available at 5 in the morning. Noticed the time on the channel listings was 5-6 PM and finally got a clue.

Boy, those deep, hard sleeps that come from overdoing can be tough. I don't think I've ever woken from one quite as disoriented as today. The second dose of my daily meds shouldn't be a problem and I can laugh now at how silly I was.

Looking forward to tomorrow, and nothing to do.

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