Monday, 24 July 2017

Garbage Day Get Up and GO

I felt like a train wreck this morning, after the day of vacuuming yesterday, barely made it to the bathroom and back to bed for a little more sleep.

But it's Monday, garbage day, so I had to get up. I gathered the bags of recycling, the 'wet' garbage, found my shoes and cane and opened the door. The first few steps were hesitant, but then it got easier, the further I went.

It's  a beautiful sunny day out there. I looked at my garden with the thriving Hostas, my pots not so healthy.

As busy as I've been the last couple of weeks, the watering has been hit and miss. I lost one, not from a lack of water, but from over watering. Apparently there was a piece of plastic in the bottom of the pot that would not let the water drain, and as this pot was in a position to get the rain, the roots were soaked and rotten.

I need to replace it, as I miss the color.

My neighbor just visited, a catch up from the weekend. It's one of the nicest things about living here, neighbors who visit and watch out for each other.

Maybe I'll be up for a little walk later, to the common room, to do my laundry. Now that is the one downfall here, especially in winter. But like life, you have to balance the good with the bad, and hope the good comes out ahead.

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