Monday, 5 June 2017


Well, it's been four days off the new medication, and no more vertigo, thank goodness. My pain has been manageable, but I miss those three days when it was better, when I felt an uplifting of my mood, and was looking forward to more activity.

I think the weeks I spent in the Pain Management Workshop last year is worth a repeat. Maybe I'll not feel like such a failure and will try the other one, Living with a Chronic Illness.

It's easy to give in to the pain, when everything is a struggle. My neighbor and I commiserate with each other, but it is still depressing that she has just had her 90th birthday and walks all over town. Some days I find walking to the bathroom too painful.

It doesn't help that I'm losing upper body strength, and find holding my head up extremely fatiguing. I push through the standing, walking, sitting with no support, enough to get the groceries and family events. But pushing through has a cost.

I was on a different NSAID for over fifteen years, been off it for years, but will contact my doctor and see if I can try it again. I'm leery of giving the new prescription another try, even at a lower dosage.

Whatever works.

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