Monday, 22 February 2016

Hot Spots

Early on in my disease I began to experience strange symptoms that could not be explained. I assumed it was due to wacky nerve impulses received in the brain, some message misinterpreted, or some miscued data.

One such symptom was a feeling that I had stepped, or sat, in something wet. The cat immediately took the blame as I jumped to the conclusion that he had peed on the floor or furniture. Another is the numbness down my right leg, and yet another a feeling of being chilled, sometimes my whole body, sometimes just a leg.

The other day I was sitting in my new recliner chair, all nice and comfortable, except I felt a hot spot under my right leg, above the knee. Since my chair has all the bells and whistles, including heat and massage, I immediately checked to see if the “heat” option was on…and it was not.

Like the cat before, the chair took the blame.

There was something wrong with the chair, a short, a breakdown, something that caused the heater to be on, when it wasn’t turned on. I was pissed, to put it mildly. I hated that I would have to deal with this issue when I’d been feeling good about taking charge and getting the chair in the first place.

That night, when reading in bed, my bed also had a hot spot, and later, so did the driver’s seat of my car.

So all is well, my weird MS sensations have changed from ‘wet’ to ‘hot’, and that’s just how it goes. This disease is nothing if not unpredictable, for you just never know. Dealing with this is manageable, considering what the possibilities could be.

At least I’m back sitting comfy and relaxed again.

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