Sunday, 28 February 2016

Pet Therapy

I agreed to 'babysit' my daughter's dog while the family was away. It's fortunate that Lily, the dog, is ten years old and quite content to sleep a good part of the day. We're a matched set in that regard.

I was crazily looking forward to having this house guest. Years ago in my other life, that married life, there was always a dog, one in the house and the hunting dogs outside.

Later, I had cats, as cats were more manageable when I spent so much time at work. I have been without a pet for nine years, so this is a treat.

We're getting into our routine, getting used to each other, and I'm writing about it more in my other blog. (See link to the side).

Pet Therapy works. I have all this love from my pal Lily, and because of her I've been outside frequently, and walked daily. I'm sure we make a strange pair when we walk the circle of the court, Lily on her leash and me with my walker.

I know I could do this without the dog, but I don't seem to get to it, but with Lily depending on me I rise to the occasion.

There is a down side, as having a pet creates work. I can see her footprints on the floor, and the dusting seems to be a priority. I'm fortunate that the weather has been relatively dry, so she hasn't come in with her feet caked with snow and ice.

We're on Day 3, still enjoying our visit.

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