Monday, 22 February 2016

The Recliner Chair

When I saw the doctor last fall, and we discussed my issue with declining upper body strength, she suggested I get a recliner chair. With the chair reclined, it takes on the burden of supporting my head and shoulders.

I received a lot of advice before making this purchase. My brother wanted me to get the deluxe model, the one with heat, massage and what he called the ‘ejector seat’. I agreed that the simple, more frequently found chair might work for now, but I needed to think ahead.

I found my brother really got into this project, and did some research, sending me pictures of chairs he found on line. He forgets my shopping is more limited here than it is in the city. He solved that problem by offering to pick me up and take me chair shopping. I appreciated the gesture, but found a solution quite by surprise.

I was on my way to the dentist, had a few minutes to spare and decided to check out the sale at the Medicine Shoppe next door to the dental office. There in the middle of the store sat a recliner, on sale, with all the gadgets and gizmos. And free delivery. Sold.

My son and his family were here when the chair was delivered, so he spent time and effort getting it properly plugged in and positioned. The kids sat in it and gave the power a try, laughing when the seat raised them to a standing position.

By reclining the chair I take the strain of sitting upright off my back, and get the added bonus of having my feet elevated, to reduce swelling. I don’t need the power ‘lift’ to get out of the chair, but can see that it will come in handy when I feel tired, or with what is most likely, more decline.

I’m a good Scout, and believe in the old motto…Be Prepared.

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