Thursday, 18 February 2016

More Changes

It was frustrating to say the least, to find myself, if not exactly bedridden, spending so much time in bed. I read and watched television, but that was about it. This behavior did not allow me much time or energy for being creative.

I had forced the issue all fall, painting, crafting, and crocheting, as a way of avoiding what was happening. I would work a bit, sit, nap, do a bit more, but now I had another symptom, and needed to see the doctor.

I was experiencing pain at the base of my throat, felt a fullness that was bothersome, but not choking. This feeling came and went, worse when tired? I wasn’t sure.

I saw the doctor at the end of November and she ordered a chest x-ray and an ultrasound. She was questioning whether my thyroid was enlarged and pressing on my esophagus. I never had the ultrasound done until January, as it was booked and cancelled four times. The first two times were because the technician was quite ill and there was no replacement, the third time I cancelled because it was the day before our family dinner, and I didn’t need the drain to my energy the day before. The last time it was delayed was due to a winter storm.

Finally, in January, I was determined, come hell or high water, to get it done. No snow was expected that day, but the temperature dropped to minus 16 Celsius, and I worried that the car would get me there and back with no problems.

Waiting gives way to worry, and I with every delay I grew more afraid of the possibilities. End result, I had the tests and all was well, sort of.

That pressure feeling was not my thyroid, which was actually small in size, though the radiologist did question whether the pressure I was feeling had a pulsing sensation as, apparently, my right carotid artery is somewhat misplaced to the centre and could be some pressure on the esophagus. It didn’t feel pulsing to me, so not the issue.
We, the doctor and I, decided not to pursue any further testing, and that I would keep my eye on it, and try to see if there was anything that seemed to bring it on, make it worse.

There are two more likely causes or explanations. It could be another of those fickle MS symptoms, vague and difficult to diagnose or explain, or it’s related to the three pinched nerves on my cervical spine.

Time will tell. 

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