Wednesday, 24 February 2016

More Recliner Adjustments

As is true in so many things, when you change one thing, others things need to change, too, or at least be altered. If I’m reclined I can’t reach my phone on the side table. The table I use for my laptop, like a hospital over bed table, doesn’t work anymore as the recliner goes solid to the floor.

I found the table works if I raise the foot and pulled the table close, though it sits to the side and isn’t close enough to type without reaching, add in more strain to my upper back. If I pull the laptop forward, into my…ha ha ha, lap, it works better, but not best.

Right now I’m using the bed tray my brother gave me for Christmas. (He and his wife are so thoughtful). It didn’t work in bed, that lack of upper body support, but works in the recliner. Who’d have thought?

I just have to figure out how to rid myself of all of this, with the least little effort, when I need to get up.

I found another little problem with the chair, once I’ve powered back and am all comfortable, I need to have everything at hand, it’s not a fast thing to be upright again.

Like now, I left the remote by the bed so have no option to change the TV channel. The other day I ran out of yarn and needed the second ball, in the cupboard of course. It just requires a bit more planning than when I could just shove the table out of the way and stand up.

And, if I feel that urge to go to the bathroom, more urgent on those days I take a water pill, I need to listen. It’s not as fast as it was before, so I can’t take the time to finish a row of crochet, or a paragraph of writing. When the brain tells me to go, I need to get up and go.

All in all, the chair is a positive addition comfortable and cozy. The little inconveniences will be worked out over time.

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