Saturday, 20 February 2016

Making Life Easier

With the changes I was experiencing, I felt my quality of life begin to suffer. What time I had to be productive was limited and it always seemed to come with some kind of struggle. Last fall I began sorting through my closets and drawers, trying to make life easier, by getting rid of the clutter.

My place is so small this task should have been quick and easy, but I have lived with the mess of it and the time it’s taken to get it done. Since that time I have managed to take two carloads of ‘stuff’ to the Blue Box, and garbaged a lot more.

It took months, but I have made some changes to my living space that make life easier for me. I moved the printer up to eye level, saving the bending and eye strain when it was on a lower shelf. I reorganized the coat closet, and have my hat and mitts in a handier spot, along with my cleaning supplies, the garbage bags, etc.

I cleaned out my drawers and closet with that old rule in mind, if it hasn’t been worn in the last year, get rid of it, and I was fairly compliant.

My bed is high off the floor, with six drawers underneath, more bending and cursing when the comforter got in the way. I bought a tall, narrow cabinet with four shelves (that my son kindly picked up, put together and positioned in place), and moved all my fleece jackets, sweats and sweaters into it, along with all my jeans and comfy pants. The drawers now hold my stash of yarn. Works for me, and in the process I found clothes I’d forgotten about in those bottom drawers.

I also gained hanging space in the closet, from where the fleece items were hung, and with a couple of those space-saving multiple hangar things my son gave me.

In the kitchen, I put everything possible into baskets, so instead of reaching and sorting through the cupboard, I can pull down the basket and find what I want. I rid the shelves of all the outdated stuff that I had saved for that someday I might bake or cook with some creativity. Not going to happen, not anymore. The things I use are now within reach.

A good start, and a smart move looking ahead. Now the biggest obstacle is to move the phone within reach from the bed. I haven’t quite figured that one out. If one of the kids call and I take a bit of time to answer, they know I was still in bed, or had gone back to bed. I’m faster  and the phone is closer in my chair.

Looking after me, finally.

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