Saturday, 22 November 2014

Over Did and Done

The first challenge of the day was to clean a week’s worth of snow off the windshield of my vehicle. Again, I ask myself why I drive a van, but any worthwhile and valid reason escapes me right now.

After a lot of reaching, pushing and swiping I got the car clear. It’d mild out, just above freezing, so it might have melted, but I had errands.

Two stores, I made it through two stores, and felt proud of myself that I planned ahead, took the flyer with me and got items I wanted at the sale price, offered elsewhere. Bless all the angels for Price Check.

I wasn’t sure I was going to make it out of the 2nd store. The clerk was smiling and friendly, but so slow. I had to ask her to stop jamming everything in the one bag or I’d never be able to lift it. I was leaning over the cart for a reason, taking deep calming breaths, groaning, yes, I groaned out loud, the pain was that bad.

At home I made a decision what could stay in the car, weather wise as it was going to freeze again, and at that point I would gladly have let it be me. Took two trips, the walker loaded down so I had to shove it through the ice and snow on the road, and still the car is full. I admit not all that’s in the car is from today.

So, I’m sitting here, with a cold drink I needed so badly, (why is the air in stores so dry?) with a fig bar for my late breakfast, trying to calm the pain. This will be a grab a book, and a heating pad kind of day, but for now I just want to sit.

I have a bottle of Advil in my bedside table, one in the kitchen cupboard and I see I didn’t think ahead to have one beside my chair. The pain pills will have to wait until I’ve gathered the strength to move.

The skies are a bit grey now, but for a few minutes earlier, the sun was shining and the air had an invigorating snap to it, pleasant for the short time I spent outdoors. It’s not even the end of November and the ground is covered in snow, a sign we’re in for another long winter?

And speaking of winter, all my good thoughts go to everyone in Buffalo, buried under a mammoth snow fall, six feet and with more to come. Take care people.

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