Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Pain, Fatigue and now the Weather

It’s bad enough to have to fight a daily battle with pain and fatigue, but with winter I have to consider the weather, too. It’s very disheartening to want to go or do something, only to be put off because of the threat of rain or snow.

I have become such a chicken-shit driver in bad weather. It started a few years ago, along with my extreme nervousness at driving in the dark. As we got deeper into fall and then had the time change, I saw my excursions out being limited, like I had a curfew to be home by sunset.

My lunch dates with my friend and my brother get put on hold, unless it looks clear, and I mean clear like that phrase on the weather report that says “No precipitation expected within the next 24 hours”. And even then it’s a rush to get home or at least close to home before dark.

Right now, we’ve hit a bit of a mild spell and I need to get the last of my Christmas shopping done. The days are counting down, and time is running out.

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