Friday, 7 November 2014

Toilet Paper, a Necessity

Just sat down with my coffee, before I tackle whatever the day will bring. It must be cold out; I can feel the difference in the air, still have my thermometer set on low.

The strain of doing the bazaar last week took its toll. My back was a wreck and I could barely move the rest of the weekend. Monday and Tuesday were rough, but getting better. It’s amazing how much I’m paying for that moment of weakness. But it will all be worth it if everyone likes their Christmas gifts I purchased from other vendors.

I had to get out, needed some essentials at the store, but waited until Wednesday when I had a meeting to attend. Funny, the meeting was held in the same hall as the bazaar, same uncomfortable chairs.

At any rate, I’m home, contemplating the next few days of writing, crafting and can relax, as I got those necessities. Not to sound dramatic or anything, but...

In pain, unable to walk, for those few days I was home I stressed, watching my basket of toilet paper dwindle down to one single roll. It put a bit of a rush on the going out thing, toilet paper is not something you want to run out of, especially if you take a water pill and pee as frequently as the pill makes me pee.

But now my basket is full, and I can relax and pee with no worries. And pee I will be. After the episode a week ago that ended with my visit to the hospital, I was directed to take the water pill twice daily for a few days, then daily.

My intentions are always good; I did take the Lasix twice a day for a couple of days. Then I had to go out, and I can’t take it unless I’m home and close to the bathroom. So I went without that day and the next few, even though the going out wasn’t the reason.

Should have known better, because over the next few days I was full of fluid again, could see it in my legs and feet, feel it in my breathing. Yesterday, I took it twice as ordered and have taken one already today.

God, I hate being this old dog, too stupid to learn the new tricks.

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