Friday, 28 November 2014

Overstimulation VS Fatigue

The other day I spent some unexpected time with my granddaughter, one of those sick kids kind of days. She had a bad cough, lingering sore throat and I took her to the doctor as her Mom had appointments out of town.

We had a good day, out for lunch after the doctor’s appointment, shopping in Walmart while we waited for her prescription, and home for a movie. It was fun, detailed in my other blog yesterday.

The reality of it all was I was dead tired after she left, but that was normal after a busy day. I went to bed early, had the hockey game on and my book, the heating pad at my back. I fell asleep and was out for a couple of hours then woke wide eyed and busy tailed.

At 4 am I was still awake, got up, played some computer games and went back to bed again. Finally, at about six, I drifted off and slept until after nine, and repeated that pattern until noon. Awake, short sleep, awake.

I should have been tired enough to sleep the night away, instead I had a restless night. It’s such a contradiction, when my eyes are so tired I can barely keep them open, can’t read, and yet when I close my eyes I can’t sleep.

Sometimes I think it’s my body reacting to too much activity, to overstimulation, and it can’t adjust to the quiet time, can’t slow down as it should except by small degrees, hence the nap, wake, nap routine.

Or maybe I need to push through the evening, settle to bed at a more normal time and quit giving in to those 7 pm naps. Whichever way it works, it was a sleepless night and I’ll have to push myself to accomplish anything over the next few days. But it was worth it. The good outweighing the bad.

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